Assiniboine River Taps


“Assiniboine River Taps prepares 100, 250 and 500 ml bottles, as well as one-litre containers of maple syrup. We sell at farmers’ markets, trade shows and a few retail stores in Regina. Our market is expanding all the time, especially as we have also expanded our product line: as a result of requests from diabetics, we make strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, chokecherry, saskatoon and blueberry syrups using maple syrup as the sweetener.
” I had to do a lot of experimenting to produce a good fruit syrup, and now, with a lot more experimenting, I will soon have a seabuckthorn syrup as well. And I hope to produce food bars made with puffed quinoa and maple syrup, which would be a totally organic and healthful snack. Eventually I want to be processing year round,” says Bennett.” Source:

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