Ecological Farmers of Ontario


“Our Mission:

To support and promote a vibrant community of ecological farmers through education, training and knowledge sharing.

Our Values:

1.) To create a community of farmers, from beginner to advanced, to share training, knowledge and experience to help make farming a viable way to make a living.

2.) To develop and provide programs on ecological agricultural methods, such as soil tillage, green manures, cover crops, composting, crop rotation, soil erosion, conservation practices, etc.

3.) To educate and increase public knowledge of, and support for, ecological agriculture via courses, seminars, farm tours, meetings, newsletters and other educational materials.”

Producer Members List on site.

Organic Council of Ontario


“The Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) exists to support a shift in Ontario towards sustaining and organic agriculture.

OCO seeks to advocate for policy, research & training in support of the organic sector; protect the integrity of “organic” in the current context of the Canada Organic Standards; and inform the public on the full value of organic agriculture.

We help ensure all Ontarians have greater access to organic food, work to reduce the burden of synthetic agricultural chemicals & GMOs on our environment, and forge sustaining approaches to local food production.

OCO is the only full value-chain association working at the provincial level – where regulatory decisions are made. OCO unifies Ontario’s diverse actors in our organic movement – from farmers to city dwellers and all points between.

The Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) is a non-profit membership-driven association. Membership is open to all businesses and individuals in Ontario who wish to help shift the province towards a sustaining, regenerative agri-culture and food system.”

Ontario CSA Farm Directory



The Ontario CSA Farm Directory lists farmers that offer weekly freshly picked farm-raised food boxes to members who are part of their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Consumers wanting good quality, safe food and farmers looking for stable markets form a type of partnership…

The consumer (you) pay the farmer a one-time fee (or share) prior to the start of growing season. This fee is determined by seed cost, equipment maintenance, property fees, tools, salaries, distribution costs, etc. In return, you receive weekly food boxes either by delivery or at a pick-up location near you. A full share may feed a family of 4 in produce for a week, where a half share may feed 2-3. Each farm’s shares are different in size and cost. This type of program greatly reduces the waste involved in blindly growing food for an indeterminate number of people.”

Rocky Lake Birchworks

The Pas, Manitoba

“Rocky Lake is located 55 kms north of The Pas, Manitoba and is surrounded by pristine land. With an abundance of birch trees surrounding us, we have such an appreciation for them and are always careful to have respect for the land and our beautiful trees. The area is crowded with birch trees, as approximately 3000 are located close to our production facility…

100% Pure Birch Syrup
Our Pure Syrup is boiled down from the sap, with no additional sugar added. Pure Birch Syrup is the perfect thing to spice up your BBQ marinades, mix into your salad dressings, or add to your baking ingredients.

Birch Breakfast Syrup
The Birch Breakfast Syrup is out of this world. Perfect for spicing up those pancakes, waffles, or pouring over ice cream. We make our Birch Breakfast Syrup by adding natural fructose to the syrup during the boiling stage”

DeRuyck’s Organic Farm

Swan Lake

Grains & flours: wheat, rye, spelt, buckwheat Brown flax & golden flax
Oil-type & confectionary sunflowers
Oats: oat flour, steel-cut oats, Scottish oats, flakes, granola, regular, quick
spelt, rye, buckwheat flakes
Buckwheat hulls for pillows

Box 38
Swan Lake, Manitoba R0L 1Z0
Phone: 204-836-2755
Fax: 204-836-2755
Contact: Gerard or Marie-Paule DeRuyck

Summer’s Gold Farm

Crooked Creek

strawberries, raspberries, vegetables

“Summer’s Gold U-Pick & Market GardenWe, the Summer’s Gold Market Garden, strive to make our customers happy by providing our best products. We welcome you to come and pick your own products out in the warm summer sun. We will also gladly pick for you if you give us advance notice. We love it when you just stop in, but prefer it if you call ahead to make sure we have enough for you. Be sure to bring a hat and appropriate clothing! We sell snacks and refreshments to enjoy when you come to spend time at our farm. We hope to see you soon!”

Strawberries, Raspberries, Vegetables, Baby Potatoes, Peas, Green Beans, Carrots, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Radishes, Sweet Corn, Pumpkins, Cabbage

71309, Rg. Rd. 260
PO Box 117
Crooked Creek, AB
T0H 0Y0
Ph. (780) 957-2911
Fax (780) 957-2910
Cell (780) 876-8173

info at

Carmel Soaps


Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner

“Carmel Soaps is a small home based business located in the beautiful countryside of central Alberta, Canada. All of our products are handmade by Carmel Soaps. Most will be made to order with the exception of soap which needs a cure time. ”

Carmel Soaps
Box 41, Alix AB, T0C 0B0 Canada

Garden of Van Ee-den


strawberry, vegetable

Strawberry U-Pick
“2008 will be our first year for u-pick vegetables in addition to the fabulous strawberries we have been growing for the past 2 years. Our Strawberries are grown on 3 acres of the finest irrigated farmland in the County of Newell. We grow both Junebearing and Day Neutral strawberries…”