Locavore (Localvore) Roots, San Francisco, California, USA

“We are a group of concerned culinary adventurers who are making an effort to eat only foods grown or harvested within a 100 mile radius of San Francisco for an entire month. We recognize that the choices we make about what foods we choose to eat are important politically, environmentally, economically, and healthfully.”


Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, Newsletter, USA

“From 1997-2000, CIAS published a newsletter for people working to create sustainable food systems.

…we are recognized as one of eight national campus leaders in sustainable agriculture. We’ve worked across the state to put the Wisconsin Idea to work…”


100 Mile Diet : Local Eating For Global Change

“When the average North American sits down to eat, each ingredient has typically travelled at least 1,500 miles—call it “the SUV diet.” On the first day of spring, 2005, Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon (bios) chose to confront this unsettling statistic with a simple experiment. For one year, they would buy or gather their food and drink from within 100 miles of their apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia.”

http://100milediet.org/ [web site no longer exists]

Canadian Organic Growers, COG

“Databases that might help you find where to buy organics in Canada.
* Canada
* Western Canada
* Ontario
* Quebec
* Maritimes”

“Canadian Organic Growers (COG) is a national charitable organization (13014 0494 RR0001) with members in all regions of Canada. COG is connected to the regions through eight regional Chapters, four affiliated organizations, and to the international organic community through membership in the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

COG’s membership is diverse and includes farmers, gardeners, processors, retailers, educators, policy-makers, and consumers. Not all COG members run certified organic operations, but they share a vision for a sustainable bioregionally-based organic food system. Our members believe that organic food production is the best choice for the health of consumers and producers, for the protection and enhancement of the environment, and for the sustainability of the food production system. In fact we believe that the survival of our country and even of the planet depends on it.

To lead local and national communities towards sustainable organic stewardship of land, food and fibre while respecting nature, upholding social justice and protecting natural resources.”


Healthy Canadians

Government of Canada

Current Headlines on 22 May 2008, check
“Canadian Food Labeling Initiative
Prime Minister Stephen Harper together with Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada unveiled the new Initiative on May 21, 2008.
Translated Canada’s Food Guide Now Available
Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide has been translated into 10 different languages: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi (Persian), Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil and Urdu.
Food and Consumer Safety Action Plan
Prime Minister Harper Announces Tougher Food and Product Safety Legislation to Protect Canadian Consumers.
Healthy Canadians Newsletter Spring 2008
The spring 2008 edition includes a quiz on nutrition labelling, important facts on children, obesity and ‘screen time’, as well as an inspiring community success story.
Healthy Pregnancy is in Your Hands!
Planning a pregnancy and being pregnant are exciting times in your life! Find out more information to help make it a healthier experience for you and your baby.
Safety is no game! Keep your family safe
Children are naturally curious and do not easily recognize and avoid hazards; therefore, they need extra protection and care.
Canada’s Proposed Food and Consumer Safety Action Plan – Overview
This Action Plan outlines a series of initiatives designed to modernize and strengthen Canada’s safety system for food, health and consumer products.
Food & Consumer Product Safety
Government of Canada Launches Website to Inform Families of Recalled Food and Children’s Products.”

http://www.healthycanadians.ca/ for updated content:

Drive Away Hunger in P.E.I., Farm Credit Corporation

Corporate Responsibility

“Each month, more than 3,200 people use P.E.I. food banks and over 1,170 of them are children.
This year’s Drive Away Hunger tour was held October 16 and 17 across P.E.I.
Kicking off on World Food Day, October 16, the tour involved employees from Farm Credit Canada, the Upper Room Hospitality Ministry, community members, businesses and children.
They banded together to support two tractor-trailer tours that departed from O’Leary and Souris and joined together in Charlottetown on October 17.
Farm Credit Canada’s employees are serious about fighting hunger in Canada.
The first Drive Away Hunger tour took place in September 2004 when an FCC employee in Ontario drove an open-cab tractor and trailer through the Listowel area for eight days. Camping along the way, he collected almost 60,000 pounds (27,000 kilograms) of food for local food banks. His goal was 30,000 pounds (13,500 kilograms).
Since then, including this year’s tours, FCC employees have raised more than 726,000 pounds (330,000 kilograms) of food for food banks in Canada. Drive Away Hunger tours have been held in Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, again in Ontario and this year in P.E.I. and Quebec.
Last year’s Ontario drive raised an astonishing 350,000 pounds (159,000 kilograms) of food.
Support for Drive Away Hunger continues to grow. This year, two Drive Away Hunger tours were held, one in Prince Edward Island and one in Quebec. This year’s goal was to raise 105,000 pounds (47,727 kilograms) of food.”

Drive Away Hunger