Anita’s Organic Mill

“Taste, smell, and feel the premium artisan quality in our wide variety of unique, fresh, stone-ground whole-grain flours, all-purpose flours, ancient grains, cereals, and mixes. We use low milling temperatures to maximize nutrition and taste, and test each product thoroughly in our kitchen to ensure the best results in yours.

ARTISAN ORGANIC INGREDIENTS (wholesale & retail, bulk and/or packaged)


Organic Dried Fruit

Organic Hot Cereal & Mixes
Seven Grain Cereal
Delicious whole grain cereals and mixes contain the convenient benefits of nourishing organic ingredients in your baking.

Organic Rolled Flakes and Bran
Rolled Oats Extra Thick
Enjoy the goodness of whole grain, specially produced to add gourmet nutrition to your breakfasts and baking.

Organic Flours
Barley Flour
Pure, 100% whole grain and all-purpose artisan-quality flours, from top-quality Certified Organic grains.

Organic Legumes & Peas
Green Lentals
Legumes & Peas are delicious and versatile plant-protein powerhouses with many health- promoting benefits.

Organic Whole Grains
Barley Hulled
For use in cooking, or in grinding your own flour, our selection of Certified Organic whole grains will please your palate.

Organic Sprouted Flour, Sprouted Kamut Flour, Sprouted Spelt Flour, Sprouted Wheat Flour

Pancake & Waffle Mix
Morning Rushsprouted, Instant Oatmeal Cereal, Classic Apple Cinnamon, Raw Cocoa,Raisin & Spice

Signature Cookie Creations
Organic Cookie Mix, Classic Chocolate Chip, Fruit & Muesli, Oatmeal Currant, Breakfast Boost sprouted

Specialty Grain Blends
Chia & Hemp , Ancient Grains, Nut & Seed”

7697 Lickman Road
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 4A7



“Corelam™ is a plywood product whose corrugated profile adds strength while multiplying the natural visual appeal of wood. A panel of Corelam™ is much thinner, uses less material, and weighs far less than an ordinary flat plywood panel of the same size and strength. Corelam™ does more with less. It captures and enhances the natural beauty of wood. Its organic undulations, when in contact with light (natural or otherwise), create a stunning display of light and shadow….

Corelam™ is a patented certified plywood that is produced and distributed in Vancouver B.C. Canada, using Canadian and US based reusable resources. Inert, and free of VOC and formaldehydes, Corelam™ panels are available both pre-finished and unfinished, in 3 and 5 ply. Flexible and rigid, lightweight, fire-rated, superior quality and highly effective in acoustic performance, Corelam™ has everything you need!”

The Conscious Dietician


Registered Dietician Rachel Dickens

“Registered with the British Columbia college of dietitians…

I hope to give some insight into sustainable products and to help you and myself become more conscious of the way we eat and live. I will share some of my favourite vegetarian recipes that use fresh, seasonal produce with limited packaged ingredients and I will also source up to date information on the most sustainable products and practices.”

Rabbit River Farms


“Welcome to Rabbit River Farms! We are committed to the values of socially responsible, sustainable and humane farming practices. Our family farms produce certified organic, free range and free run eggs. All our chicken flocks live in a cage free environment and receive top quality feed, clean water, fresh air and tender care. As the pioneer and leader in Canadian organic and cage free chicken egg production we were the very first SPCA (Humane) certified farm in Canada. We authored the original Canadian certified organic egg production standards (COABC) and today maintain our certified organic status through a third party certifier – Pro-Cert Organic Systems, Canada’s foremost national certifier of organic food products.”

Rabbit River Farms
17740 River Road
Richmond, BC
V6V 1L9
For general enquiries:
604-447-2694 office
778-668-8848 cell
604-447-2614 fax
To place an order:
message line is checked twice daily
604-244-2694 phone
604-244-9309 fax

Abstract Developments inc.


“An Abstract home is a work of art. With leading-edge technology integrated with comfort and energy efficiency, an Abstract home offers all the sophistication and elegance of a resort.

Abstract Developments can build to suit your tastes and your lifestyle – from classic character to edgy contemporary, your new home will be the most comfortable one you’ll ever live in.”

Chief Louie Paddle Company

Burns Lakes

“Paddles are made from pine and spruce, or aspen. The paddles available online are engraved with the Chief Louie Paddle Company logo and finished with 3 coats of marine varnish.

Waterwood, or pine that has been submerged in Ootsa Lake since 1952, was found to have exceptional strength. Combined with the properties of the other local woods, we are convinced that we have a superior product of individually hand carved paddles.

Paddles made from boiled aspen. Boiling is a traditional Carrier Indian method to improve workability and durability of wood products. Come in 60″ and 54″ lengths, with the option of a bent or straight shaft. Each paddle is hand carved with a unique pattern for a one-of-a-kind paddle.”

Chief Louie Paddle Company – Cheslatta Carrier Nation
PO Box 909, Burns Lakes, BC, V0J 1E0
Phone Toll Free: 1-888-453-4441

Banana Guard


“The Original Banana Protector
Are you fed up with bringing bananas to work or school only to find them bruised and squashed? Our unique, patented device allows for the safe transport and storage of individual bananas letting you enjoy perfect bananas anytime, anywhere. The Banana Guard was specially designed to fit the vast majority of bananas. Its other features include multiple small perforations to facilitate ventilation thereby preventing premature ripening and a sturdy locking mechanism to keep the Banana Guard closed.
Beware of inferior overseas imitations. All our products are made of FDA approved recyclable plastic, BPA-FREE and made in Canada where they pass through the highest quality assurance testing. The Banana Guards, the Froot Guards/Cases and the S’wich Guards are of course dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
The Froot Guard and Froot Case
Now protect your larger round fruits such as apples, pears and peaches with our new Froot Guard and small fruits like kiwis and plums with the Froot Case!
The S’wich Guard
Now protect your sandwiches without environmentally unfriendly plastic wrap! Made to the same high standards as all our other products. The active hinge ensures you will never lose the lid.”

Aberrant Designs Inc.
Suite #315 2906 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2G8

Dream Pearl Soap Company

New Westminster

“Dream Pearl Soap Company, was born in 2007 and came into existence as small home based business. For the past few years my family and friends have enjoyed using all my products with great effect and full satisfaction. Truly, as the part of our logo, I believe that “nature’s beauty is in your hands”.
I use only high quality ingredients in all my hand made products.”

Tel: 604-526-9694

Consumer Recognition Program and Symbol

British Columbia, Buy BC

“Launched in 1993, the buyBC program has been the most successful food and beverage initiative ever jointly undertaken by the provincial government and private industry. There are now over 1,200 companies and associations using the buyBC logo in their advertising and promotional materials – and over 5,000 buyBC products identified at major grocery retailers throughout the province.”