Triple C Beef


“The CCC is a registered brand. In years past, it was displayed on the right hip of all stock belonging to the Triple C herd. This brand has been owned by the Carlisle family since 1963 and is one of the oldest registered brands in the province. We maintain the registration of the CCC even though we no longer physically brand our herd. The CCC is a part of our heritage to be passed on to the fourth generation of cattle producers. Organic wasn’t a term used years ago when all production was that way, it was just farming. We use the Triple C name for our organic beef as a reminder that some things are better done the old fashioned way.”

Luna Field Farm


Luna Field Farm is stewarded by Wian Prinsloo (Prinsloo Pastures) & Lydia Carpenter. Luna Field is a small pasture-based livestock farm in Southwestern MB with a focus on sustainable, resilient and organic farming principles.
Luna Field Farm is a small, pasture-based livestock farm. Our small mixed livestock operation is located in Southwestern Manitoba, 20 miles south of
Brandon.Influenced by principles highlighted in Permaculture Design and Holistic Management we are interested in pasture based, multi-species grazing systems. We think that growing food, and/or procuring local foods is a wonderful way to build more resilient communities.We direct market our products to Winnipeg, Brandon and surrounding area.

* pastured-poultry
* eggs from our free-ranging heritage chickens
* pastured-rabbit
* free-range pork (sold as whole, 1/2 pigs or as individual cuts)
In 2013 we will also provide:
* pastured lamb (sold as whole, 1/2 lamb)
* pastured goat (sold as whole, 1/2 goat)

We have purebred Nubian dairy goats from Brambles Nubian Goat Farm – breeding stock will be available for sale starting spring 2013. Soon we will have fibre (Merino & Angora) available for felting, spinning and knitting.”

lunafieldfarm at

Seine River Shepherds

Ste. Anne

“Seine River Shepherds is a 120 acre family run sheep farm located along the Seine River just east of the village of Ste. Anne. Our flock of ewes is carefully selected to provide both premium quality market lambs and superior, award winning wool.
By providing value added lamb and wool products direct to the customer, we are able to maintain our farm operation on a scale reminiscent of the original family farms of this area.”

Bison Spirit Ranch

Oak Lake

“Bison Spirit Ranch is owned by the Gompf family and is situated near Oak Lake, Manitoba, north of the Assiniboine Valley.
We have been producing pure quality Bison since 1997.
Approximately 150 head graze our pastures from spring to fall and are fed top quality hay through the winter.
Since our existence, Bison Spirit Ranch has provided a wide range of consumers with quality government inspected meat.
We supply restaurants, markets and homes throughout Manitoba.
Visitors are always welcome to tour the ranch.”

Bothwell Cheese

New Bothwell

“Tucked away in the heart of Manitoba’s dairy belt, Bothwell Cheese has produced quality cheese since 1936. Today you can still taste the difference in cheese made with fresh, locally-produced milk. Bothwell Cheese makes award-winning cheeses ranging from traditional cheeses like Gouda and Cheddar to specialty creations like Madagascar Green Peppercorn and Smoked Jalapeno Jack.”

The Waste Reduction Store

“The Waste Reduction Store is a store for businesses and organizations run by people who want to change the world. We are a western Canadian, independently owned, woman run business.
We specialize in the sale of food containers made from plants. Our food containers are free of BPA (Bisphenol-A) as they are not made from a petroleum derived resin. Most number 7 plastics are derived from petroleum, a substance we believe humans should not use to create products in contact with our food. It is a non-renewable resource; it is not recognized by nature in a plastic or polystyrene form; it requires additional energy to recycle plastics; most plastics are not recycled and are used only a few times before they sit in landfills or pollute our world.
At the end of their life cycle our products are fully compostable. This means our containers can be turned into dirt within 180 days at a composting facility! Compost is an amazing alternative to petroleum derived fertilizers which contain chemicals. We can no longer depend on landfills to bury our problems and non-renewable resources to create disposable products. Our two warehouses are located in Calgary and Winnipeg, Canada.
We distribute across Canada from Whitehorse all the way to St-John’s Newfoundland!”