KDG Enterprises, TyeDee Bin


“The TyeDee Bin line of animal resistant garbage bins are manufactured in Gravenhurst, ON by DGJ Enterprises.
DGJ Enterprises was founded in 2002 by its current owner, Gary Jonsson. Located in the Gravenhurst Industrial Park, our facility has 6,000 sq. feet. DGJ Enterprises has serviced Muskoka Area private and business customers with Welding, Fabrication, and Manufacturing Services since 2002. In 2005 DGJ Enterprises purchased the TyeDee Bin line of animal resistant garbage containers, and this has become our main endeavour.”


Deer Valley Venison Farm

Grand Valley

“Our herd of Red Deer are born & raised on our family farm, surrounded in a peaceful, pastoral setting of the GRCA, in Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada. They have freedom to roam outdoors, year-round and graze on organic pastures seasonally. In winter they are fed hay, grain & minerals naturally, without use of drugs, growth hormones or genetically modified feed. Our natural, non-interventive approach in the rearing of our animals is a proven method that results in a premium product that we are proud to offer those who are also concerned with their health.”


Finch Haven Orchards


” …an apple orchard nestled in the Beaver Valley, in the heart of the Town of the Blue Mountains just west of Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. A healthy, productive, and sustainable environment is very important to us. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable property for generations to come. With this as our goal, we’ve gone out of our way to protect the air, land and water on our farm. As well as our apples, we’ve also developed a line of healthy products the whole family can enjoy – fresh pressed apple cider, sparkling apple ciders, jams, jellies and preserves. We also have honey and maple syrup.”
R.R. 1,
416 241 10th LINE


Greenfields Farm


“We sell certified organic fruits and vegetables year-round. In addition, our Wednesday (farm gate) offers various items (farm fresh eggs, poultry, and other organic staples) only available at the farm gate… We are located in Campbellville, north of Highway 401, on the east side of Guelph Line just south of the Guelph Line/15th Sideroad Intersection.”


Pine River Cheese Factory


Bruce County

“Cheese Factory & Retail Store… Pine River Cheese was created back in 1885 on the banks of the Pine River, near the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario. Over the decades it has evolved from a farmer-owned co-operative with a focus on quality cheese into…a much larger farmer-owned co-operative with a focus on quality cheese.”


Lakes of Muskoka Cottage Brewery


“Lakes of Muskoka Cottage Brewery Inc. (LMCB) capped our first bottle of Muskoka Cream Ale back in 1996. Located right in the heart of Muskoka in downtown Bracebridge, we presently employ a total of 18 people from distribution and production through to sales. Through the years we have seen the resurgence of the micro-brewing industry in Ontario and we are proud to be part of it. Today you have a choice in beer. You’re not stuck with multi-national corporations. We take pride in brewing all 5 of our brands. We carefully brew in small batches to ensure you are getting the finest and freshest we have to offer. And that’s just the start!”