Belle Vallee Wools


Canadian Pure Wool Blankets..
The Wight family has been raising sheep in Ontario since 1856. In 1984, the Wight Sheep Farm was moved from Southern Ontario to the Temiskaming Claybelt. Since then, the farm has had at least 120 ewes lambing every year.
The farm operation successfully converts grass, hay and quality livestock into delicious Canadian lamb. While Canadian lamb enjoys an excellent market, Canadian wool has never received the attention it deserves. So in 1989, we added our own wool processing facility, Belle Vallée Wools, to the farm.”

161261 Wool Mill Rd, Belle Vallée, ON P0J 1A0
(705) 647-8686

Belanger Organic Farms


“Belanger Organic Farm produce and meats are in high demand by our consumers locally and in the Greater Toronto Area. We are proud to supply GTA retailers, like The Big Carrot, with our farm products, and to have a stall at GTA Farmer’s Markets like the East Lynn Farmer’s Market…

Today, Peter’s son, Joshua Belanger proudly helps his father operate Belanger Organic Farm and has help from a large extended family to harvest – by hand – acres of produce, and raise sheep, veal and run a dairy production facility – all organically.

The Belanger homestead and farm has come a long way in just over 65 years, in size and in passion, from it’s humble beginnings where the growing and harvesting methods were simple, and although the term wouldn’t be used for several decades, they were organic – no chemicals, natural manure, no antibiotics, no pesticides, no growth additives (except naturally rich grazing pasture and grass), and no engineering.”

4716 Line 3
RR #1
Hillsdale, Ontario
L0L 1V0
Phone: 1 (705) 835-3031

Johnston’s Cranberries. Muskoka Lakes Winery


“We’ve been growing cranberries in Bala, Muskoka for over 50 years. In 2001, we started Muskoka Lakes Winery and have been winning awards for our wines ever since. Visitors are always welcome to drop in, tour the farm, taste our wines and shop in our amazing Cranberry Store. If you can’t come by in person, feel free to poke around the website and take a virtual tour. You can even shop online!”
Muskoka Lakes Winery
” Muskoka Lakes Winery operates in Bala, Ontario in the Muskoka region.
While Muskoka is known more as a premier tourism destination than it is as an agricultural region, over the last 18 years, Bala has gained recognition as “The Cranberry Capital of Ontario.
Bala is home to the only two producing commercial cranberry farms in the province. In 1952, Orville Johnston began planting cranberries.”

Iroquois Cranberry Growers


“Iroquois Cranberry Growers is owned and operated by the Wahta Mohawks. We welcome visitors through the spring, summer and autumn. Fall is an especially exciting time of year when visitors can see the cranberry harvest as well as enjoy the autumn colors. We welcome bus tours during our harvest season. We produce cranberry products including pure juice, cranberry sauce, chutney and jam, and cran-maple syrup.”

Oakridge Acres


“Our approach to farming is simple: by creating a healthy living environment and feeding home-grown feed (hay and grains) we produce healthier cattle.
On our farm we operate a meat store featuring natural fed, drug free meat products – our Black Angus beef, Mesman lamb, Martin chicken, Howling pork, and Yantzi venison.
Our store caters to customers who value quality, healthy products. We are constantly on the look out for new merchandise that fit’s our store’s profile.”

Rivers Edge Goat Dairy


“River’s Edge Goat Dairy is a family owned and operated farm just outside Arthur Ontario… The 60 milking goats are housed in generous, well lit pens of 12 goats each. They are fed a custom grain as well as hay grown on the farm… Each pen has access to a grassy field and the goats can go in and out as they wish.
The goats behave like a family in their groups and like being together. Twice a day, early morning and evening, they walk to the milking parlour in the same group of 12 where each goat seems to have her favourite spot. The pipeline carries the milk from the milking parlour directly to the pasteurizing vat in the nearby cheese/milk plant for processing and hand packaging.
The Wilmans work very hard to provide a healthy environment for their goats and their family. In turn, they believe this helps to produce quality milk for their bottled milk, cheeses and yogurt.”