ECO Farm

Hudson Bay

Etomami Community Organic Farm, ECO Farm

Farmer: Keith Neu

Etomami Community Organic Farm (ECO Farm for short)

Hudson Bay, SK (with regular deliveries to CSA members in Regina and Saskatoon)

“ECO Farm is based on the CSA (community-supported agriculture) model where consumers purchase annual “shares” in exchange for deliveries of predetermined products. Both consumer and farmer share in the production risks and benefits. Members invest in the farm in May and pay per month according to what type of products they want. Sign-up options are varied to accommodate meat eaters, vegetarians, single folks and different sized families. Keith delivers products to drop off locations twice a month during the growing season and once a month during the winter and spring. Currently there is one drop off station in Saskatoon and one in Regina. Other locations will be considered upon request.”

Big River

“The finest hand-dipped pure beeswax candles reflect impeccable craftsmanship from Canada! Our formal wedding candles delicately enhance your special day with their natural beeswax scent.
RoseAnne, a very talented North American Native, completely hand-dips every taper to be able to create its’ exquisite form. Also, the individual hand-dipping correctly orientates the weave of the wick for a proper burn. Allergy free with only cotton wicks (no zinc) and beeswax, they are the original environmentally green air freshener. ” is owned and operated by:
Jude Marshall & RoseAnne Watier
Box 745, Big River
Saskatchewan, Canada S0J 0E0
Phone: RoseAnne: 1(306) 469-2461

Assiniboine River Taps


“Assiniboine River Taps prepares 100, 250 and 500 ml bottles, as well as one-litre containers of maple syrup. We sell at farmers’ markets, trade shows and a few retail stores in Regina. Our market is expanding all the time, especially as we have also expanded our product line: as a result of requests from diabetics, we make strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, chokecherry, saskatoon and blueberry syrups using maple syrup as the sweetener.
” I had to do a lot of experimenting to produce a good fruit syrup, and now, with a lot more experimenting, I will soon have a seabuckthorn syrup as well. And I hope to produce food bars made with puffed quinoa and maple syrup, which would be a totally organic and healthful snack. Eventually I want to be processing year round,” says Bennett.” Source:

(306) 542-3834

Fruit Growers in Saskatchewan


“The Saskatchewan Fruit Growers’ Association (SFGA) is a grower-directed association dedicated to the production and marketing of premium quality Saskatchewan-grown fruit. A voluntary non-profit association, the SFGA is interested in the development of a strong and vibrant fruit industry.
To meet industry needs, the SFGA works with researchers, government, processors and consumers. We collaborate with these stakeholders on research, market development, quality standards, and other initiatives.”

Very Berry Farms

White City

“Our farm is a small family run operation owned by Janice and Lawrence Sichello. We are located in a peaceful country setting just 14 km east of Regina with 15 acres of various fruits including strawberries, saskatoons, raspberries, sour cherries, rhubarb and chokecherries. We also have asparagus in the spring.”

Prairie Dome


“Prairie Dome Seed Potatoes has been an established seed potato grower for over 20 years. Prairie Dome supplies seed varieties including Viking, AC Peregrine Red, Norland, Sangre, Caribe, AC Ptarmigan, Yukon Gold, Goldrush, Russet Burbank, and Kennebec .
Prairie Dome Strawberry and Saskatoons is located 10 kilometers (6 miles) south of Yorkton on highway 9. Our fruit season begins in July, with appointments for u-pick and ready picked fruit.”

The Berry Barn


The U-Pick area is open daily (8 am to 8 pm) during picking season. We harvest between 22,000 and 28,000 pounds of Saskatoons each year – all hand picked and graded by up to 80 pickers at the busiest times.
Green House
Flowers at The Berry Barn have become a tradition. The Berry Barn’s family run greenhouse is open from May to July. The greenhouse is filled with one of a kind hangers and planters. We carry all varieties of bedding plants, herbs, perennials, proven winter plants, Geraniums, Martha Washingtons, Non-stop Begonias and many other plant varieties. New to The Berry Barn is fresh Saskatchewan grown vegetables available from July – December.”

Corn Maiden Market, Lincoln Gardens Blog

Qu’Appelle Valley

Lincoln Gardens
Lincoln Gardens is a family owned and operated Market Garden, located just north of Regina Saskatchewan, Canada.
Situated in the picturesque Qu’Appelle Valley near the town of Lumsden, Lincoln Gardens and the Corn Maiden Market are operated by Wayne Gienow and Kimberly Sakundiak.
We welcome you to stop at our Market Garden and Country Market to enjoy Farm Fresh Produce, Garden Centre, U-pick Berry Fields and Pumpkin Patch.

Corn Maiden Market

Lincoln Gardens Blog