Klondike Apothecary

“When gold-seekers struggled into the Yukon during the Gold Rush of 1898, they couldn’t stop at a medical clinic when they felt poorly. Klondike pioneers carried their medicines with them and made new ones on the trail from local plants.

It is in that spirit of self-reliance and intimacy with nature that Klondike Apothecary was born. Like the apothecaries of old, which were the precursor to the modern pharmacy, Klondike Apothecary explores the healing power of plants in all natural remedies.

Klondike Apothecary products are made by hand using high quality herbs, pure essential oils, superior vegetable oils and northern beeswax. Many of our herbs are wildcrafted or grown organically in the Yukon. ”


Icy Waters Arctic Charr


“Icy Waters Ltd. is a fully integrated aquaculture company located in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, dedicated to producing superior quality Arctic Charr. In business since 1985, Icy Waters has a proven commitment to providing unparalleled quality and service.
Whether the products are fillets sent to fine dining establishments throughout Canada or our peerless strain of ova shipped throughout the world, Icy Waters has become synonymous with consistency and quality.” fish


Yukon Agricultural Association

“agricultural producers, hobbyists and enthusiasts from around the Yukon. It is a source of information for funding, research, weather, and agricultural opportunities among other things. All members of YAA are welcome to contribute information to the website so that it can be shared with other Yukon producers. If you have photographs, research papers or opportunities you want to share, please email them or bring them to our Whitehorse office. ”


Slow Food Yukon

“Six products are part of the Slow Food Ark of Taste in Canada. These six products include Red Fife Wheat, the Candienne Cow, Herring Spawn on Kelp, Nova Scotia’s Gravenstein Apple, the Great Plains Bison and the Montreal Melon. Of the six, Red Fife Wheat is also a Presidium project which assists in bringing an artisan food back to economic significance.
In the Yukon, Red Fife Wheat is being grown on Aurora Mountain Farm and is used to bake bread at Alpine Bakery.”


Circumpolar Musings Resources for Circumpolar Studies


“Circumpolar Musings Resources for Circumpolar Studies…
Circumpolar Musings is an almost daily, random selection of news of the Circumpolar North, culled from online sources.
The site was begun as an experiment in using Manila to construct web and news (blog) sites. Collecting northern news items and items that contribute to a greater appreciation for the people who live and work in the North seemed like a useful thing to do”
Amanda Graham is the instructor for the University of the Arctic’s online BCS 100 and Coordinator of University of the Arctic @ Yukon College. She also teaches some Northern Studies courses at the college. She used to be the Managing Editor of The Northern Review.”