Dairy Farmers of Canada, DFC, Canadian Cheese Grand Prix

“With this competition and the prizes offered, we proudly contribute to the development of the Canadian cheese market and offer continuous support to the dairy industry. Our organization represents approximately 13,621 dairy farmers.
The event’s goal is to make Canadian cheeses better known and appreciated by consumers as well as the food industry and hotel and restaurant professionals. It also aims to support cheese manufacturers in their search for excellence and in the development of new products.
The Canadian cheese industry is comprised of more than 150 manufacturers who produce more than 350 different cheeses, and all are invited to enter their products in the contest. The Canadian Cheese Grand Prix is open to manufacturers of any cheese manufactured in Canada exclusively from 100% Canadian Cow’s Milk, Milk- Derived Ingredients from 100% Canadian cow’s milk or both. No imported dairy ingredients are permitted.”

In Montreal
1801 McGill College Av.
Suite 700
Montreal, QC
H3A 2N4
In Ottawa
21 Florence Street
Ottawa, On
K2P 0W6

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