Gordons Goat Dairy


goat cheeses

“…delicious handmade cheeses! There are nineteen unique and tasty varieties to choose from…”

C-Line:Moist, creamy, yogurt-y flavour.
Cranberry Havarti
Mild Cheddar
Aged Cheddar
Goatserella and more!

…All the grains and hay fed to the goats are grown on our land. We use land-preserving crop rotation with a minimum of tillage, and no GMO crops. We like to use preventive measures to keep our girls in good health, so we feed them natural supplements (Bentinite clay, apple cider and whey) (we call them treats) in their feed and we don’t use growth hormones. They love it and it keeps them healthy, happy, and producing high quality milk for us every day….

43253 C-Line Road, RR2 Wroxeter
(519) 335-4321
Open by Chance or Appointment


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