Nicholyn Farms


meat, poulty, produce, some certified organic

“We are able to make available our own sustainably raised pork, beef and chicken products. Our animals are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, eat an all vegetable diet with no animal by-products and are treated with dignity and respect. Our beef cattle graze on pasture, the pigs enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and the chickens scratch in the earth!

Your local farmers thank you! In cooperation with amazing local farmers, we are able to provide for you the highest quality of food. We are passionate about providing every family with the opportunity to maintain a healthy diet.

Our on-site bakery and certified kitchen is a very busy place. Using local ingredients our homemade bread, buns and sweets and treats, preserves, prepared dinners, and gluten free products are developed with you in mind. Homemade fruit pies, several varieties of yummy tarts, squares (including no sugar added date squares), loaves in a multitude of delicious flavours and many kinds of cookies, breads and buns are baked every day.”

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