Topsy Farms


wool products

“Topsy Farms is a Canadian sheep farm, creating wool products from our sheep to you: hypoallergenic wool bedding – blankets, throws, comforters, pillows, mattress pads.

We are a multi-generational, co-operative family farm on Amherst Island in Lake Ontario near Kingston. Over 1000 ewes give birth on greening, spring pastures. Our large white guardian dogs and a Border Collie are part of the team.

The sheep are shorn before lambing. Several thousand pounds of our best wool is shipped to a traditional mill in Prince Edward Island, to be washed and gently processed. Our wool is returned to us in washed wool, webbing, pencil roving, yarn, throws and blankets.

Natural sheepskin products and unbleached cotton-encased wool bedding are also available through the Wool Shed on the home farm, and this web site.

Community knitters contribute to our production of knitted, crocheted, thrummed and felted creative products available in our Wool Shed.

We are proud that all our offerings are made in Canada.”

Topsy Farms
14775 Front Road
Stella, ON K0H 2S0 CANADA

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