Beatty Honey Farm

Queensville, East Gwillimbury Township

unpasteurized honey, bee products

Ontario beekeeper, farm in the Queensville area, East Gwillimbury Township, 13km from Newmarket.

Unpasteurized honey and bee products sold through farm gate sales.

We established the Honey bee hives in a rich meadow of wildflowers, red clover, wild strawberries, and within 50 metres of the 120 year old apple orchard. Our operation consists of a modest number of hives. Most of the operation is performed manually. We no not use perticides or herbicides on our fields and orchards. The extraction and processing of the honey is performed without any chemicals. Our product is a premium, unpasteurized,100% pure, all natural Ontario honey.

Extracting the honey is performed twice a year – once in the spring and once in the late summer. This allows us to produce two very distinctive flavours of honey each year, a “Spring Blossom” and late “Summer Wildflower”. Occasionally, as the weather permits we experience an “Indian Summer”. If the bees produce an abundance of honey we extract a third run called our “Autumn Gold” honey.

Each of our honey products are quite different. It is exciting to discover the different flavours present and the different aromas captured in each of these superb honeys.

Beatty Honey Farm
21572 Warden Avenue
Queensville, ON
(905) 478-2207

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