ECO Farm

Hudson Bay

Etomami Community Organic Farm, ECO Farm

Farmer: Keith Neu

Etomami Community Organic Farm (ECO Farm for short)

Hudson Bay, SK (with regular deliveries to CSA members in Regina and Saskatoon)

“ECO Farm is based on the CSA (community-supported agriculture) model where consumers purchase annual “shares” in exchange for deliveries of predetermined products. Both consumer and farmer share in the production risks and benefits. Members invest in the farm in May and pay per month according to what type of products they want. Sign-up options are varied to accommodate meat eaters, vegetarians, single folks and different sized families. Keith delivers products to drop off locations twice a month during the growing season and once a month during the winter and spring. Currently there is one drop off station in Saskatoon and one in Regina. Other locations will be considered upon request.”

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