Geography Makes A Difference

“In this century, the white man has ushered in a new lifestyle in which Inuit must not only live away from the land, but also in comfort and ease, having been introduced to instant foods, rifles, snowmobiles, wooden houses and formal education. Today, the connection between Inuit and the land has weakened, and Inuit struggle with their identity: the Inuit’s latest challenge in a land that has always been challenging…
In the west Kitikmeot Region, the Inuit depended on the migration of the caribou. The Inuit in the east Kitikmeot (the Nattilingmiut) depended on the seal. In coastal areas of the Kivalliq, Inuit relied mainly on seal, caribou and arctic char, whereas Inuit on the mainland hunted caribou, geese and ptarmigan, and fished lake trout. In the northern tip of the Kivalliq Region, walruses were also hunted. The people of Baffin Island sought walruses, seals and arctic char. Caribou, Canada geese, ptarmigan, seals, whales and arctic char are all found throughout Nunavut and are part of the diet of all Inuit.”
Written by Brian Aglukark, see

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