Thornbury Cider


apple cider sold by LCBO

“Crafted in Thornbury, Ontario, the heart of apple country, Thornbury Premium Cider is a truly original Canadian cider that tastes like a traditional English cider: dry, crisp and premium. It’s made with 100% fresh-pressed local apples (not from concentrate), this 5.3% ABV cider is cold filtered to maintain maximum flavour and aroma. Great news for those with gluten sensitivity, Thornbury Premium Apple Cider is 100% gluten free. This cider is best served chilled, with or without ice.”

Local Foods Mart


local food store

Local Foods Mart is a grocery store that features products sourced mainly from within 100 miles of our doorstep: fresh produce, milk, eggs, cheese, bread and baked goods, prepared foods, and scrumptious homemade ice cream. Our goal is to provide the best foods from our region in one central place that’s walking distance for most of the residents of downtown Barrie – and an inexpensive delivery service for nearby homes and the boat docks.

123 Dunlop St E,
Barrie ON L4M 1A6

McLean Berry Farm

Lakefield, Kawartha

berries, produce, maple syrup

“McLean Berry Farm is a family owned and run farm business in the heart of the Kawarthas, just outside of Buckhorn Ontario. Their focus has always been on providing the community around them with farm fresh produce of the highest quality. They strive to grow as much local produce as they can with an emphasis on great quality, freshness and friendly customer service…

Farm Fresh Products that are Available this summer:

Currants (Black and red)
Fall Strawberries & Fall Raspberries
Blueberries (Just a few!)
Sweet corn
Peppers (Green, Red, different varieties of hot)
Green and Yellow Beans
Peas (Sugar, snap and snow)
New potatoes (We grow a unique selection of gourmet varieties of potatoes)
PYO Strawberries & Raspberries
Pick your own Pumpkins
Our Home Made Jams & Preserves
Our delicious Maple Syrup
As always, we are always growing new things and expanding the other local products we carry, so be sure to look for these and much more at our farm stores!”

McLean Berry Farm
2191 16th Line of Smith
RR#1 Lakefield

Carma Soap Company


handcrafted soap

“We handcraft our soap in small batches using the traditional “cold process” method – warming our signature base of skin loving, nourishing oils, essential oils and other goodies to just the right temperature, we then pour it into our handcrafted molds, and let the “magik” happen!

The end result – a soap that is uniquely different, rugged and imperfect, and oh so good for your skin.

Carma Soap respects the environment we share and our handcrafted products contain no preservatives, are bio-degradable, and made with the most minimal of packaging, and never tested on animals.”

Bradford, Ontario, Canada
Info @

Sheldon Creek Dairy


homegrown milk in glass bottles

“Homegrown milk in glass bottles, that is what we make. Our cows work hard everyday to make nutritious, wholesome milk for you to enjoy. We simply bottle the wonderfully natural product that our cows produce.
Our premier product is whole milk, as the cows give us, in glass bottles. Initially we will be selling in 946ml bottles and will progress to 1.89 litre bottles in the near future…

The idea of processing milk on our farm evolved from the passion we put into making a great product. Our milk is so fresh you can taste the passion in every bottle! The processing system gently handles the milk from the cow to the bottle. Shortly after the cows are milked in the morning, the milk is moved to the dairy by a tank on a wagon. At the dairy the milk is unloaded within minutes of milking the cow into a tank in the pasteurization room. The milk then flows through a series of tubes, called a High Temperature Short Time Pasteurizer(HTST), which heats the milk to 73 C and holds it there for 16 seconds. The pasteurized milk flows from the HTST to the milk tanks in the bottling room, where it gravity feeds into a Fogg 6 valve bottling machine. The bottles are then crated and stored in the large cooler room, ready to be taken home and enjoyed by your family.”

4316 RR#2
5th Concession
Loretto, Ontario

T: 1.705.435.5454
C: 1.705.440. 3155


Cedarwood Farm


organically grown edible flowers

“Cedarwood Farm Organically grown edible flowers for cooking, salads, cake decorating (June-October).”

Brian & Marilyn McGrath
1030 Frizzell Rd., Tamworth

Bee Queen Honey


natural honey

“… our bees collect nectar from the common wildflowers that grow in the fields and forests of southern Ontario. These include sweet clover, alfalfa, alsike clover, milkweed, basswood, linden, honey locust, aster and golden rod, just to name a few.

No chemicals are used in the removal and processing of our wildflower honey. We use organic beekeeping practices in order to provide you with a high quality natural product. Our honey is not pasteurized. It will crystallize, especially if stored between 50 – 60 degrees F. To liquefy, gently warm in a water bath or at a low setting in your microwave.

Phone: (613) 379-5555
Box 377 Tamworth, ON
K0K 3G0