Spring Valley Boer Goats


Registered Purebred & Percentage Boers

“With past backgrounds in both purebred beef cattle and holstein cattle, we are firmly rooted in agriculture and are familiar with the careful selection it takes to build up a herd of productive and efficient females that meet the needs of both the terminal and replacement breeding stock markets.

Our primary business is our family-run butcher shop where we market a combination of homegrown and locally raised fresh meat products. Our work in the butcher shop means we see first-hand the importance of meat animals that are well muscled, fast growing and high yeilding. Our experience with beef cattle has helped us to see the benefits of performance testing and how using this data can help to select for those fast growing and high yeilding individuals mentioned above. As a result, we are taking full advantage of using the Goat Herd Improvement Program (GHIP) and the Type Evaluation Program, both offered by the Canadian Meat Goat Association.

As a foundation for our Boer herd we have selected animals that are structurally sound and from healthy, solid, productive families and herds. We are using the aforementioned tools to work towards our goals of top performance type animals with sound structure and that remain true to breed standards. We want our customers to be able to rely on our stock to bring about improvements in their own herds. On our website you will see up-to-date performance information on all animals where it is available in order to help you make your own informed decisions when purchasing stock to add to your herd. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions about individual animals. We are happy to work with you in purchasing animals that are the right fit for the goals you are trying to achieve in your own herd.”


Teal’s Meats


local pork, beef, goat (chevron)

“Filler free, handmade Teal’s Sausage, local pork, beef and goat meat.
Our Sausage and Pork
Teal’s Pure Pork Sausage is made using the original recipe dating back to 1915. This farmers-style, course ground fresh sausage is made using the entire pig rather than just the “trim”. We use a natural casing and do not add any fillers or artificial preservatives. The result is a sausage with a distinct “meaty” taste that can be enjoyed by all. All of our sows are sourced from a single local family farm.
Besides our sausage we carry a full line of delicious pork products. Some of our most popular include, our thick cut pork chops, beautifully smoked side bacon, and pork roasts custom cut and tied.
Our Beef
There is nothing nicer than a beautiful cut of beef to make your family supper something special! Most of our beef is sourced from Anna’s parents’ family farm (Bennville Limousins) where they have been raising quality purebred beef cattle for several decades now. The Bennville herd located just meters up the road from the butcher shop is a herd of purebred Limousin Beef cattle. The Limousin breed is known world-wide for producing lean yet tender and flavourful beef, traits that make it a top pick around the world. The cattle spend most of the year on pasture. During the cold or wet months the herd is housed in south facing open front barns with access to the outdoors at all times. Cattle are fed a combination of grass and homegrown hay and grains. There are no growth hormones used. Proper nutrition, a comfortable living environment and sound herd health protocols are main focuses. All of our beef comes from young animals, not cull cows, and is aged a minimum of 14 days. Guaranteed to be tender and flavourful, you just can’t get beef like this in the grocery store.”


Newmarket Locksmith Service


Emergency, Automotive, Commercial, Residential,

Locksmith Services

Full Warranty
Holiday & Weekend No Charge
Free Estimates
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Night & Day Service
Beat Any Price
New Home Owner Discount
100% Best Results

“Newmarket Locksmith Service provides the best local locksmith services since 1975. Our team is standing by 24 Hours a Day & 7 days a week to provide you with quality locksmith services in Newmarket and Aurora areas.”

Address: 16715 Yonge St., Newmarket, ON L3X 1X4, Unit #1110
Tel. No: 289-319-0728


Beatty Honey Farm

Queensville, East Gwillimbury Township

unpasteurized honey, bee products

Ontario beekeeper, farm in the Queensville area, East Gwillimbury Township, 13km from Newmarket.

Unpasteurized honey and bee products sold through farm gate sales.

We established the Honey bee hives in a rich meadow of wildflowers, red clover, wild strawberries, and within 50 metres of the 120 year old apple orchard. Our operation consists of a modest number of hives. Most of the operation is performed manually. We no not use perticides or herbicides on our fields and orchards. The extraction and processing of the honey is performed without any chemicals. Our product is a premium, unpasteurized,100% pure, all natural Ontario honey.

Extracting the honey is performed twice a year – once in the spring and once in the late summer. This allows us to produce two very distinctive flavours of honey each year, a “Spring Blossom” and late “Summer Wildflower”. Occasionally, as the weather permits we experience an “Indian Summer”. If the bees produce an abundance of honey we extract a third run called our “Autumn Gold” honey.

Each of our honey products are quite different. It is exciting to discover the different flavours present and the different aromas captured in each of these superb honeys.

Beatty Honey Farm
21572 Warden Avenue
Queensville, ON
(905) 478-2207


ComfyComfy Canada


buchwheat pillows, flax seed heat wraps

After deciding to open ComfyComfy Canada, Melissa and Danny debated about whether to keep it a U.S. product or change it to a Canadian one. Melissa wanted to support the Canadian economy and similarly, Danny wanted to support the U.S. economy. Their solution? Fill the pillows with Canadian-grown buckwheat hulls or Canadian-grown flax seed, and have them filled and packed in Canada while continuing to have the quality cases sewn by the Mennonite family in rural New York state who also produces casings for ComfyComfy in the USA.

Now, we are proud to present ComfyComfy Canada:
Handmade in Canada and USA.


Amelia Biscuit Company


artisan dog bakery, dog biscuits

All dog treats are not created equal, and here at Amelia Biscuit Company, we strongly believe your best friend deserves the absolute best ingredients nature has to offer. Amelia Biscuits are made from hand selected, all natural, human grade ingredients, and fresh from the farm Canadian fruit and vegetables. Our tough biscuits contain a unique blend of nutritious ancient grains such as organic spelt flour and stone ground millet- these grains not only taste great but they also help keep your dog’s teeth naturally clean and healthy. Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you again soon!


Mississauga Central Lions Club Farmer’s Market


Please patronize our Mississauga Central Lions Club Farmers Market. Established in 1975.

Location: 3 ROBERT SPECK PKY – North Parking lot on SHIPP DRIVE

Open: Sunday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM from early June to Sunday November 2,2014.

The club is thankful for its close relationship with Square One Shopping Centre management for over 38+ years.

For more information call or write to:

Chairman Farmers Market
Mississauga Central Lions Club
P. O. Box 2004, Square One Post Office
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C6

Email: lions@lionscentral.com


Strattons Farm


organic produce, pork, poultry

“We are husband and wife and first generation farmers who have chosen to leave their city jobs to run an ecologically sound small farm in Stirling-Rawdon in the County of Hastings. We employ Organic growing methods to provide you and your family with nutritionally dense food.

We run a 50 member CSA weekly vegetable baskets in the main growing season and pasture raise chickens, turkeys and pigs.
Our animals are raised on pasture to allow them to show their natural “animalness”!
Vegetables are grown using only Certified Organic seed. We grow using no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We fertilize our market garden using kelp, glacial rock dust and our animal’s and green manures.

The garden is cultivated by a team of Suffolk Punch draft horses. This reduces our need for fossil fuel and helps reduce soil compaction.”


Loco Fields Farm


organic vegetables & herbs

“Loco Fields is a small, family run, socially responsible, organic vegetable farm. We’re located 10 minutes south west of Stratford, Ontario in the fertile soils of Perth County . We grow over over 50 types of vegetables & herbs and 170 individual varieties.”


Spring Meadow Orchards



“Spring Meadow Orchards has been family owned and operated since the fall of 1969. The standard orchard that grows on the farm today, was grafted from the Macintosh apple originating in the 1900’s. The farm now has many different varieties to choose from.


Macintosh Royal Gala
Red Delicious
Paula Red
Tallman Sweet
Honey Crisp
Northern Spy
Ida Red”