Teal’s Meats


local pork, beef, goat (chevron)

“Filler free, handmade Teal’s Sausage, local pork, beef and goat meat.
Our Sausage and Pork
Teal’s Pure Pork Sausage is made using the original recipe dating back to 1915. This farmers-style, course ground fresh sausage is made using the entire pig rather than just the “trim”. We use a natural casing and do not add any fillers or artificial preservatives. The result is a sausage with a distinct “meaty” taste that can be enjoyed by all. All of our sows are sourced from a single local family farm.
Besides our sausage we carry a full line of delicious pork products. Some of our most popular include, our thick cut pork chops, beautifully smoked side bacon, and pork roasts custom cut and tied.
Our Beef
There is nothing nicer than a beautiful cut of beef to make your family supper something special! Most of our beef is sourced from Anna’s parents’ family farm (Bennville Limousins) where they have been raising quality purebred beef cattle for several decades now. The Bennville herd located just meters up the road from the butcher shop is a herd of purebred Limousin Beef cattle. The Limousin breed is known world-wide for producing lean yet tender and flavourful beef, traits that make it a top pick around the world. The cattle spend most of the year on pasture. During the cold or wet months the herd is housed in south facing open front barns with access to the outdoors at all times. Cattle are fed a combination of grass and homegrown hay and grains. There are no growth hormones used. Proper nutrition, a comfortable living environment and sound herd health protocols are main focuses. All of our beef comes from young animals, not cull cows, and is aged a minimum of 14 days. Guaranteed to be tender and flavourful, you just can’t get beef like this in the grocery store.”


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