Wynn Farms


apples, vegetables

“Varieties of apples we grow and approximate ripening times.

Jersey Mac-Mid August
Paula Red- Mid August
Mac’s-Mid September
Courtland-Mid September
Empire- End of September
Honey Crisp-End of September
Red Delicious- Beginning of October
Spartan- Mid October
Ida Red- Mid October
Lobo- Mid October

We sell seconds and grounders when available. Seconds are great for baking while grounders are a great option for horses and hunters. If you are looking for grounders, it’s best to call ahead so we can make sure we have them ready for you!”




buckwheat pillows

“Manufacturing 100% Canadian hand-made, all natural buckwheat hull pillows and support products since 1997, in Kanata, ON, Canada.

Our products include: sleeping pillows (regular and small), travel pillows and neck pillows for the car or when sitting in a reclined position.

Buckwheat hull products are ZERO-WASTE! No need to send used hull pillows to the landfill – just add used hulls to your garden/composter; great for soil!.”


Oakville Place Farmers’ Markets


Ontario produce and goods

“The Farmers’ Markets held Tuesdays and Thursdays at Oakville Place, throughout the Ontario growing season, will open for business on Saturday June 1.

Local food growers and producers will assemble in the southeast parking lot of Oakville Place Shopping Centre at Leighland Ave. and Trafalgar Rd., across from the Sears store, to bring commuters and area residents a twice-weekly supply of the freshest produce grown in Ontario.

In addition to the vast selection of local fruit and vegetables, market-goers can also shop for choice cuts of Ontario-raised venison, beef and pork, peameal bacon and fresh sausage, deli meats including salami and kielbasa, farm-fresh eggs, Ontario-produced honey and cheeses, and a delectable collection of baked goods.”


Nicholyn Farms


meat, poulty, produce, some certified organic

“We are able to make available our own sustainably raised pork, beef and chicken products. Our animals are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, eat an all vegetable diet with no animal by-products and are treated with dignity and respect. Our beef cattle graze on pasture, the pigs enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and the chickens scratch in the earth!

Your local farmers thank you! In cooperation with amazing local farmers, we are able to provide for you the highest quality of food. We are passionate about providing every family with the opportunity to maintain a healthy diet.

Our on-site bakery and certified kitchen is a very busy place. Using local ingredients our homemade bread, buns and sweets and treats, preserves, prepared dinners, and gluten free products are developed with you in mind. Homemade fruit pies, several varieties of yummy tarts, squares (including no sugar added date squares), loaves in a multitude of delicious flavours and many kinds of cookies, breads and buns are baked every day.”


Topsy Farms


wool products

“Topsy Farms is a Canadian sheep farm, creating wool products from our sheep to you: hypoallergenic wool bedding – blankets, throws, comforters, pillows, mattress pads.

We are a multi-generational, co-operative family farm on Amherst Island in Lake Ontario near Kingston. Over 1000 ewes give birth on greening, spring pastures. Our large white guardian dogs and a Border Collie are part of the team.

The sheep are shorn before lambing. Several thousand pounds of our best wool is shipped to a traditional mill in Prince Edward Island, to be washed and gently processed. Our wool is returned to us in washed wool, webbing, pencil roving, yarn, throws and blankets.

Natural sheepskin products and unbleached cotton-encased wool bedding are also available through the Wool Shed on the home farm, and this web site.

Community knitters contribute to our production of knitted, crocheted, thrummed and felted creative products available in our Wool Shed.

We are proud that all our offerings are made in Canada.”

Topsy Farms
14775 Front Road
Stella, ON K0H 2S0 CANADA



Gordons Goat Dairy


goat cheeses

“…delicious handmade cheeses! There are nineteen unique and tasty varieties to choose from…”

C-Line:Moist, creamy, yogurt-y flavour.
Cranberry Havarti
Mild Cheddar
Aged Cheddar
Goatserella and more!

…All the grains and hay fed to the goats are grown on our land. We use land-preserving crop rotation with a minimum of tillage, and no GMO crops. We like to use preventive measures to keep our girls in good health, so we feed them natural supplements (Bentinite clay, apple cider and whey) (we call them treats) in their feed and we don’t use growth hormones. They love it and it keeps them healthy, happy, and producing high quality milk for us every day….

43253 C-Line Road, RR2 Wroxeter
(519) 335-4321
Open by Chance or Appointment


Sun Island Fragrances


fragrances, soap, candles

“Sun Island Fragrances is a family craft business inspired by the many wonderfully attractive fragrances found in tropical foliage. Although they are some of our favorite fragrances, we use aromatic fragrances from all over the planet.

“Sun Island Fragrances are blended from aroma therapy grade essential oils, quality fragrance oils and botanical infusions. These unique fragrances are added to our hand-crafted soaps and candles.

We have posted a downloadable product catalog. Our products are also available for purchase in our online store.

You can find us selling our products at craft fairs throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and Central Ontario. You may also contact us directly at sales@sunislefrgrance.com.”



The Farmer’s Pantry


apples, raspberries, cherries, pumpkins

“…apple orchards offering over 15 varieties of local apples with many pick your own options including raspberries and cherries in season.”

788030 Grey Road 13,
R.R. # 1
Clarksburg, ON N0H 1J0
Tel: 519-599-3691
Fax: 519-599-7385

E-mail: info@farmerspantry.com


Mapleton’s Organics


Vegetables, Herbs, Meats, Organic Dairy

“The farm today consists of 600 acres of certified organic land, 75 milking cows and their offspring, chickens, turkeys, pigs, donkeys, alpacas, a pony, a number of cats and kittens, as well as an Austrian Shepard named Coco.
Mapleton’s Organic Dairy was born in 1999, when we began processing milk into organic ice cream, frozen yogurt, and fresh yogurt on the farm with a small retail store. In 2004 an ice cream café was added to better serve the steady stream of ice cream lovers. Today, Mapleton’s serves organic lunches and packaged organic products including dairy, meats, dry goods, and seasonal produce.”