“Corelam™ is a plywood product whose corrugated profile adds strength while multiplying the natural visual appeal of wood. A panel of Corelam™ is much thinner, uses less material, and weighs far less than an ordinary flat plywood panel of the same size and strength. Corelam™ does more with less. It captures and enhances the natural beauty of wood. Its organic undulations, when in contact with light (natural or otherwise), create a stunning display of light and shadow….

Corelam™ is a patented certified plywood that is produced and distributed in Vancouver B.C. Canada, using Canadian and US based reusable resources. Inert, and free of VOC and formaldehydes, Corelam™ panels are available both pre-finished and unfinished, in 3 and 5 ply. Flexible and rigid, lightweight, fire-rated, superior quality and highly effective in acoustic performance, Corelam™ has everything you need!”

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